Jimmy Wong 8A (27)

14 Sep


Dear Ms. Maggie,

In this Summer, a very popular challenge has showed up from the whole world. It is the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. The activity is to promote the disease “ALS”.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a disease which causes the patient’s nervous system’s becomes weak and affects physical movements. Which generates the feeling of cold chills, thats why the Ice Bucket Challenge was promoted.

The challenge was about pouring a bucket of ice water on to your body, once you did that, you must donate to the charity and also nominate your friends.

The “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” started and got popular when 🍎Apple Executives and other celebrities did it.

Many people in the world had accepted this challenge, but many of them did not know the actual meaning. Many people who had accepted this challenge did not donate. Which looses the purpose of this challenge.

I 🍎personally did not take this challenge, it is because no one nominated me and I wasn’t really interested.

As mentioned, many popular people completed this challenge, I decided to post links below this.

iPhone 5s Ice Bucket Challenge:

🍎Apple Tim Cook Ice Bucket Challenge:

🍎Apple Phil Schiller Ice Bucket Challenge:


Yeah, I know Samsung did the Saamsuuung Galaxy ~~~ S5 Ice Bucket Challenge, we found that it’s fake:


🍎And also at last, introducing the 🍎 iPhone 6 and 🍎 iPhone 6 Plus:

🍎Jimmy Wong 8A (27)



Assessment Guides for Reading, Writing and Speaking

23 May

Dear Grade 7 Students,

Here are the assessment guidelines for the upcoming assessments.

Good luck!

The Grade 7 English Teachers

G7 T2 Assessment Guideline Reading Speaking

G7 T2 Writing Assessment Guideline

May’s Spelling list

13 May

Dear Grade 7 Students,

Here it is, your last spelling list of Grade 7:



The Grade 7 English Teachers


April’s Spelling list

15 Apr

Dear Grade 7 Students,

Here is the link to the Grade 7 spelling list for April. We have limited it to only ten words due to the Uniform Test and the Easter holiday:

April’s spelling list

The Grade 7 English Teachers.

March’s Spelling List

17 Mar

Dear Grade 7,

Here is the spelling list for March:


It seems that spellingcity is now a part of Google+ so if you can’t access the spelling list, here it is typed out:

1. Scarcity

2. Prospect

3. Collapse

4. Torment

5. Despicable

6. Defective

7. Blister

8. Excavated

9. Arc

10. Barren

11. Wasteland

12. Engraved

13. Lizard

14. Veterinarian

15. Wheelbarrow

16. Hardened

17. Paranoid

18. Hole

19. Dreams

20. Freckles

Good luck,

The Grade 7 English Teachers


Persuasive Videos: Advertisements

14 Mar

Dear Grade 7 Students,

As you know, we have been writing persuasive essays. You have been writing with the intent of persuading the reader to understand and agree with your point of view.

The art of persuasion is BIG business and companies create persuasive videos as a way to persuade the observer to either buy their product or to change their behaviour. Check out this video: The Majestic Plastic Bag

Here, the makers of the video are not trying to persuade you to buy anything but rather they want to make the observer to be more aware of littering.

Here is a classical advertisement that uses humour to persuade the observer to purchase their product (a scratch-card, similar to Hong Kong’s Mark 6).

Your role is to reply in the comments with a GREAT advertisement and state why you find it persuasive (does it really want to make you buy their product or change your thoughts/actions?)

Please keep the videos appropriate to the topic and you are allowed to post a maximum of TWO video links each.

We look forward to reading your comments.

The Grade 7 English Teachers.

Online Reading Platform

7 Mar

Dear Grade 7 Students,

Here is a link to the online reading platform:


Hope that it helps.

The Grade 7 English Teachers